Summer Hair Care

Summer weather can wreak havoc with your hair, what with the sun bleaching and drying natural locks, giving them an almost straw-like texture at times. Fear not as Great Lengths are here to keep hair looking and feeling amazing all summer long!

Quickly Does It

Say goodbye to dry, damaged and unmanageable hair with Great Lengths Conditioner 60 Sec. A conditioner that only needs to stay in hair for 60 seconds in order to repair and treat locks in need of a little TLC. Containing Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil, moisture is restored to hair and scalp to protect against dehydration and leaves hair feeling and looking fabulous.

Taming the beast

Hair has the not-so-wonderful habit of getting out of control during the summer months – ever experienced untameable frizz and impossibly hard tangles gained after hours in the sunshine? To effectively style your summer tresses we recommend the use of our Pearl Gloss Styler, which keeps hair manageable, strengthens its structure and has the additional benefit of providing hair with stunning shine!


If you thought masks were just for your face then you’ve never been more wrong because masks can also be applied to your hair! Introducing the Great Lengths Hair Mask Extra Rich, a rich and intensive conditioner for dry, brittle and unmanageable hair desperate for moisture and structure rebuild. Containing the active ingredient, Pro Keratin, this hair mask ensures a healthy moisture balance throughout hair and scalp and helps rebuild the structure of damaged hair.

Beach Essential

Perfect for cleaning hair after a trip to the beach, Great Lengths Anti Tap Water eliminates the damaging effects of alkalinity and promotes a natural balance of the scalp and hair with the ingredient Biotin. Wash locks with this after a swim in the sea or swimming pool on holiday and your locks will be as good as new!

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