Summer’s Hottest Hair Colours

Summer is all about COLOUR – from pastels to neon, and everything in between, if you are considering rocking a bold new hue then now is the time.

New trends appear on the scene every day, but not all of them capturing our imagination and attention. We’ve picked out our favourite three fashion colour looks for summer 2016 that we will think will really help you stand out from the crowd!

Metallic Hair

Our favourite colourist, Guy Tang, has been achieving this look for some time, and we have to say we fell head over heels in love from day one. This is THE colour looks for anyone who loved the granny grey AW2015 trend and wants to take it that step further.

Experiment with shiny silver, glossy grey and perfect platinum shades.

The trick to this trend is making sure that you hair is in a really good condition so it really shines. So rather than reaching for the bleach, ask your stylist about adding silver tones with our ‘Moonstone’ hair extensions.

Sunset Hair

This trend is certainly not for the faint of heart! With red roots blending into rich copper then bright orange, the ‘sunset’ colour look is as bright as it is beautiful.

Maintaining this look is going to be tricky so rather than opting for full-on sunset you may with to try a copper or orange dip-dye / colour blend instead. We have limited edition blonde-to-orange Flowstrands hair extensions which allow you to try colour (and add length and volume) without damaging your own hair. All of the fun, none of the fuss!

Discover the Flowstrands colour range here.

Sun Bun Hair

A move on from tie-dye hair, which was hitting the headlines this spring, ‘Sun Bun’ hair is a softer colour blend that sort of merges colour bleeding, dip dye and tie dye together.

Most of the Sun Bun colour trend examples we’ve seen features pinky/rose tones and occasionally lavender and blue too.

Once again, a full-on Sun Bun style is not for the faint of heart, but it is easy to blend some pink and lilac tones into your tresses with Great Lengths hair extensions. We recommend our GL Apps tape-in hair extensions which last for around four weeks per application.

See more of our favourite colour looks on Pinterest or Instagram.

Photos sourced from Google.

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