How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut with Hair Extensions

Although we’re fans of a short crop here at Great Lengths, we know that when you fancy a change, having to grow out a pixie cut can be a daunting task!

Great Lengths hair extensions work with the natural hair, meaning it is left to freely grow whilst you wear them. Our pre-bonded hair extensions can help you to transition from one style to the next with ease, avoiding those awkward ‘growing out’ phases but still adding length to your natural locks.

Step one: making the most of what you have

When you first start to grow out a pixie cut or cropped hair, the main objective is to grow as much length on top to start with. This length will help to cover and fill out the sides, and avoid the horrible ‘whispy’ mullet look you can get when short sides begin to grow. The best thing to do is to keep the sides and back shorter, and concentrate on the crown and front of your head. Great Lengths offers customisable bonds, which can be made super discreet for adding length to fringes during this initial period. Find out more on our blog on hair extensions for short hair.

Step two: transitioning to a short bob

Once you’ve grown some length in the sides of your hair, you can start to consider hair extensions to help shape your locks into a set style. Your hair needs to be a minimum of 5-8cms in length before you can add pre-bonded to the sides, however they can help transform an awkward, short ‘bowl cut’ bob into a longer, graduated style.

Step three: fake it until you make it!

Once you’re clear of the difficult bob stage, you’ll have enough length to do what you like – you could even go for extra long hair extensions! At Great Lengths, we offer a variety of natural colours, pastel and even jewel colours as well as ombre and dip-dye hair extensions, so you can be as creative as you like with your new look.

If you’re considering hair extensions to help you grow out your pixie cut, why not book a free consultation with a Great Lengths Salon or Stylist to find out more.

Pixie haircut photos sourced from Google.

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