#Throwback: 90s Hair Trends

In the middle of the night, sometimes we wake up in a sheer panic, sweat dripping down our faces, hands gripped around our hair. And breathe… Your hair is not crimped, you do not have butterfly clips coming from every angle of your head, and your hair is safely in a straight parting. It is no longer the 90s.

Whilst 90s fashion is still having a big trend moment in 2016, we can’t help feeling a little haunted by our 90s hairstyles. That’s why we’re doing the ultimate throwback to our favourite hair dos and hair don’ts from 20 years ago!


Hair crimpers were once on everybody’s Christmas list. We’ve seen some desperate attempts to make crimping comeback, but for us, it still feels too soon…


Butterfly Clips

These little accessories were what dreams were made of, styling up any outfit we paired with it. The more clips the better! Hair accessories are big news this winter again, but we say, use sparingly! Check out our tips for accessorising here

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Half Bun

Now this is a style we can get on board with! We’ve worn this still A LOT since Gwyneth Paltrow first brought it into our lives back in the mid-90s. If you fancy revisiting this Half Bun look, check out our ‘Get the Look’ tutorial, where we created Nicole Scherzinger’s recent look from this season’s X Factor.

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Zig-Zag Parting

The zig-zag parting was one of the most popular 90s hair trends. Many people fell victim to this look! This crazy parting could spice up any simple hairstyle and add volume. Our verdict? If it’s volume you crave, sharpening up your blow-dry skills could be all that you need! Watch our tutorial to get the perfect bouncy look here

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Are you loving or hating the 90s trend resurgence? Let us know and share your favourite hair throwbacks on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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