Throwback to the top hairstyles of 2016

The festive season offers plentiful opportunity to dress up and try out some different styles. Here, we take a look back at the top trends of 2016 to give you some hairspiration this Christmas.

Long bob

This isn’t a new kid on the block; the long bob has been around for some time and sure has some sticking power. However, its versatility, flattery and low maintenance attitude keeps the lob at the forefront of current hair trends.

Whether sleek and straight or wavy and choppy, this is a classic style, which can be adapted to suit your preferred look. Feeling edgy? Go asymmetrical. Seeking a lazy look? The lob is super low maintenance. Long or round face, fine or thick hair hair, dark or light skin…whatever you’re blessed with, the long bob flatters a variety of face shapes, hair textures and skin complexions.

The double bun

A classic 90s throwback, this style’s appeal transcends more than just youthful memories. The double bun is a playful look that can be worn messy or sleek depending on the event. Flexible, too, it works for both half up or all up. Our bonds can also be seamlessly woven into this style, adding volume to create the ultimate bun.

It’s all about the roots

Harnessing the ultimate lazy look, contrasting roots are enjoying their own revival. Deliberately dyed or simply left to grow out, whether you go for the dark, grungy look or a sombre, fresh feel, the two-tone style has been embraced as a low maintenance, no fuss approach – even if a fair amount of effort has secretly gone into achieving it!


Hey, hun

The half up bun – or the hun, as it’s more affectionately known – has become popular thanks to its ability to suit any hair type or length. Plus, it can be worn high, medium or low, and can be dressed up or down. Wrapping Great Lengths bonds into the bun adds volume, and braids can adapt the look even further, making for a different look every time.

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