When it comes to taking care of your Great Lengths extensions, the right products are key to keeping them in tip-top condition and looking the best they can. Cue BIO A+O.E, the new premium aftercare range endorsed by Great Lengths.

Harnessing only the power of botanicals, BIO A+O.E. offers five specialist treatment programmes that are 100% organic and vegan certified and formulated to give natural hair and styles that are enhanced by extensions outstanding strength and vitality.

Each programme has been exclusively designed to treat a variety of common hair problems, from thin hair that needs volumising, damaged hair that needs repairing, to frizzy hair that needs taming – whatever the hair dilemma, BIO A+O.E has a solution.

Featuring a collection of products, including cleansing shampoos, enriching conditioners, protective serums and nourishing styling masks, the revolutionary treatments work to detoxify hair from chemicals and help return it to its natural condition, regaining shine, silkiness and strength.


The five treatment programmes are:

01 BIO A+O.E. Volumizing Treatment – to thicken and strengthen hair

02 BIO A+O.E. Restructuring Treatment – to restructure and reinvigorate damaged hair

03 BIO A+O.E. Reinforcing Treatment – to help hair become stronger

07 BIO A+O.E. Frizz Control Treatment – to moisturise and revitalise hair and reduce frizz

09 BIO A+O.E. Sebum Control Treatment – to reduce the production of unwanted oils


Using active plant ingredients, BIO A+O.E allows the hair to breath and grow, with visible and tangible results in just 21 washes. So what are you waiting for? Start your hair journey today and let your hair be transformed.

View the full range of treatments and product available and find out which one suits your hair type best here.

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