The Ultimate Aftercare Guide to GL Tapes

The end of January saw one of our most exciting launches yet – GL Tapes. Ethically-sourced, made from only the finest Indian temple hair and attached using medical-grade, hypoallergenic tape, they’re the perfect luxury hair extension for the time-conscious.

If you haven’t read our post introducing GL Tapes go ahead and take a look – we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the tapes themselves, from where we source the hair to removal and re-application. A full head of GL Tapes can even be applied in as little as one hour, and re-taped up to three times following our maintenance and aftercare advice.

Want to know more about GL Tapes aftercare and maintenance? You’re in the right place. From washing and drying to styling and exercising with your GL Tapes, we’ve got you covered!

Washing your hair

Maintaining GL Tapes is easy – they’re lightweight, comfortable and virtually undetectable. After each application, you should avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours. This will allow the tapes to set correctly.

GL Tapes should be washed with shampoo and conditioner at least once a week, using Great Lengths or Bio A+O.E. products. Both ranges have been specially formulated by experts, and enjoy a natural pH that’s kind to both GL Tapes and our pre-bonded extensions. With Great Lengths and Bio A+O.E. products, there’s no risk of harmful chemicals damaging the tapes and reducing their lifespan.

Drying GL Tapes

Always thoroughly dry your tapes, rather than leaving them to air dry. Use your towel to blot excess water from your hair then de-tangle with a soft natural bristle brush – the Great Lengths brushes are the most suitable for GL Tapes. Then, brush from the scalp over the tape to mid lengths.

Carefully detangle the ends and brush by taking small sections of hair each time. Blow dry on a low heat and use a round brush for added volume. We love the Great Lengths Medium Oval Brush – with two different sized bristles it’s perfect for anyone who wears extensions.

Styling your extensions

As GL Tapes are 100% human hair, they can be treated and styled just like your natural hair – just avoid applying styling products or heat directly to the tape itself. Instead, keep heat and products focused on the lengths and ends of your hair. The Super Shine Spray, Soft Finish Spray and Serum Hair Fluid are a handful of our favourite products for styling tapes – all three help to tame frizz and leave tresses feeling soft and looking healthy and shiny.

Living with GL Tapes

Lightweight and 100% natural, living with GL Tapes is easy. You’ll almost forget they’ve been applied – the only sign you’ll have to remind you of them is how fantastic your hair looks and how confident you feel.

Here’s a few more tips to keep your tapes in tip top condition.

Sleeping with GL Tapes

At night, just before bed, we suggest tying your hair in a loose ponytail – this will prevent tangling during the night.

Swimming with GL Tapes

Rinse hair after swimming – whether you’ve been swimming in a pool or the sea. The chemicals in swimming pools and the salt in sea water could affect the lifespan of your tape, or cause the adhesive to break down.

Once you’ve rinsed your hair, follow up with Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water. Apply to the hair and blot them dry afterwards – use the same method as detailed in the ‘Drying’ section.

Donate your hair to the Little Princess Trust

Your GL Tapes can be removed and reapplied by one of our certified stylists up to three times. Once your GL Tapes are ready for their final removal, they can be donated to The Little Princess Trust – just like our pre-bonded extensions!

Donated hair is then used to create specially tailored wigs for children suffering from hair loss. Recognised for their ethicality, traceability and quality, we’re proud to be the only hair extension brand to share this partnership with the charity.

We make is as easy as possible for you to look after your GL Tapes. For more information regarding GL Tapes, please contact your local stylist or salon, and arrange to book in for a free consultation.

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