Understanding ‘Remi’ / ‘Remy’

When it comes to shopping around for hair extensions, we understand that the different types and terms used by different brands can become very confusing! To make the process a bit easier, we’ve broken down what a few of the key terms used in the industry mean, including remi / remi hair extensions, to help you on your way…

Remy / Remi Hair Extensions

A commonly used term, ‘remy ‘or ‘remi’ as it is sometimes spelt, means the hair is root to tip correct, with the cuticles lying in the same direction. All of our Great Lengths human hair extensions are remy, with only the finest quality hair selected and used. If the hair used was not remy, and the cuticle is left attached, the hair can be tricky to brush and manage, rather than the smooth, natural look you get with the likes of Great Lengths – this is something that cannot be achieved with artificial hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Cuticle

Not to be confused with nail cuticles, hair extension cuticles mean the protective layer of cells around the root / shaft of the strand, attaching the hair to the head. These are stripped from hair when they are used for hair extensions, as part of the remy / remi process to keep extensions smooth.

Ethical Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be deemed ethical when the hair used has been willingly donated, and is responsibly sourced and paid for. Great Lengths 100% ethical human hair extensions are sourced from Indian temples, and use the finest Indian hair which has been donated through the Hindu ritual of tonsuring. You can find out more about our sourcing process here.

Double drawn hair extensions

Here at Great Lengths, all of our hair extensions are double drawn, meaning that the hair is exactly the same length from root to tip.


When our hair is being processed and dyed, our skilled team ‘hackle’ the hair to remove any shorter or uneven strands from the hair extensions bundle. This is part of the process that ensures our hair is double drawn.

If you have any other questions about Great Lengths and remy / remi hair extensions, visit our FAQ page, or get in touch one of our Salons.

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