Will Great Lengths damage my hair?

Will Great Lengths Extensions damage my hair? We’re here to decode the answer and give you all the insight you need on one of our most frequently asked questions.


First things first, at Great Lengths we pride ourselves on quality. From the quality of the hair we source, to the expert training we provide to stylists who wish to offer Great Lengths, and the end service they provide to their clients.

Our unique bonds have been scientifically proven not to cause damage to healthy hair, so you can be assured that your tresses will look and feel 100% all the time.

Read on to discover more about our award-winning hair extensions and learn everything you need to know from application to removal and everything else in between.


100% Human and Ethically sourced

We’d like to begin by giving you a little insight in to our hair, where it comes from and what makes it unique. For those of you who didn’t know, Great Lengths hair is 100% human and 100% ethically sourced. This means it’s fully traceable and we know exactly where it comes from.


Which bring us on to its origin! Did you know our hair is sourced from temples in India where it’s voluntarily donated during a religious ritual known as ‘tonsuring’? Money paid for the hair is then used to support charitable causes in the local community. These include aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable causes.


Hair Processing

Once collected, the hair is treated with exceptional care to ensure that it remains in immaculate condition. The hair is processed at our Great Lengths Head Office in Italy and by the time it arrives at our head office in the UK, we know it is of the highest possible quality, completely natural with the cuticle intact.


Patented Keratin Bonds

Our keratin bond is specially patented and designed to mimic the structure of natural hair. This means when it is fused with natural hair it is lightweight and works in harmony with it, instead of against it. The bond synchronises with the hair expanding and contracting accordingly when wet or dry, cool or heated, allowing for flexibility and for your natural hair to move freely – which in effect means less damage and stress to your hair and scalp.


Great Lengths Stylists

Combining the quality of our hair with the fact that each and every one of our Great Lengths certified stylists has been expertly trained in the art of applying extensions, results in the best possible finish. All of our stylists are taught how to customise each bond to suit different hair types and densities before they apply their first extension.

Extensions which are applied incorrectly can cause many problems including breakage, sore spots and in some cases traction alopecia. Our training teaches stylists how to identify issues that could potentially lead to such problems. For example, in what proximity the extensions should be applied from the scalp to avoid any strain or tension for the client.


Great Lengths Consultation

Great Lengths hair extensions are popular amongst women of all ages and for many reasons. Aside from adding length, they can be used to help combat everyday hair woes, from filling in sparse areas and thinning hair to adding enviable volume and colour, without causing damage to the hair with chemicals and dyes.

During your consultation, your Great Lengths stylist will carry out a thorough assessment of your hair, and work with you to ensure that the best possible results can be achieved.


Removal of extensions

Upon removal, your stylist will continue to assess your hair and scalp, and work with you to make sure both are healthy and there are no issues or concerns before your next set.

Everything we do is to ensure we offer the absolute best, no compromises and especially no damage to your natural hair.

To find out more information and to book a consultation, get in touch with your nearest Great Lengths salon using our online Salon Locator www.greatlengthshair.co.uk/salon-locator.


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