Wonder Woman: A Hair History

Following the highly anticipated film launch of Wonder Woman, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to admire the evolution of Wonder Women and her iconic hairstyles over the decades. #GirlPower

Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics way back in 1941. Sporting quite a bold look for the early 40’s with a blue and black hairstyle – this was one Wonder Woman who was clearly way ahead of the times.

Then we saw ‘The forgotten Wonder Woman’ who hit our screens over 30 years later in the 1974 pilot for Wonder Womanstarring Cathy Lee Crosby. This Wonder Woman was a little different to her predecessor and stepped out with a new outfit and mid-length blonde hair.

We love this laid-back blonde Wonder Woman look. Want to know how to achieve it? Loosely curl your hair and brush out while backcombing at the roots to give it that added volume. This classy look will instantly upgrade your hair to superhero status.

Next launched the TV series that aired from 1975-1979 and was based on the comic book superhero, with Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter.

This was probably Wonder Woman’s most iconic hairstyle. With her shoulder length blow dried wavy locks and a return of the iconic gold crown, Wonder Woman of the late 1970’s looked like a total goddess whilst fighting crime.

To help create the look simply part your hair into big sections (about the size of your index finger) and curl your hair away from your face – this will instantly give the illusion of more volume. Don’t forget to use our Soft Finish Spray.

And if you need some extra help, Great Lengths hair extensions are perfect for adding some natural oomph and giving hair a boost, just like our 1970’s Wonder Woman.

Moving on to the 21st century Wonder Woman and the latest legend to grace our screens, Gal Gadot. Here we can see a strong resemblance to the original, comic book version of the superhero, bringing back extra length for long flowing wavy locks.

To help create the look, curl your hair in tight ringlets and brush out; don’t forget to use our Pearl Gloss Styler to accentuate each strand.

We’re huge fans of all the looks above, but nothing beats the original Wonder Woman. We’d love to know what who your fave female superhero is, tag us on Instagram.


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