Blonde Hairspiration

Being blonde is tough. With the stereotyping and the constant upkeep, blondes don’t have it easy. And it takes time and effort to look as good as they do! If only there was someone who could make looking after those luscious locks easier…

Oh wait! That’s us.

We took a look through our Hair of Fame Gallery and searched Twitter high and low, to find the best example of how Great Lengths hair extensions have helped blondes have even more fun. Here is our lowdown of the best blonde hairspiration….

Extra Long Lovelies

Great Lengths extra long hair extensions are perfect for adding length and volume to shorter hairstyles. Create a dramatic transformation like the team at Mark Summers (left) and Zero One Salon (right), with a full head of our pre-bonded hair extensions in a variety of classic blonde tones that blend perfectly with your existing natural or coloured hair.

Blonde Hairspiration

Blondes with Va-Va-Volume

Feeling a little low? Our hair extensions can give your hair that extra volume you’re looking for and still blend perfectly with blonde tresses. Be inspired by these stunning transformations by Lorna and Newcastle Hair & Beauty (left) and Karen and Annette Salon (right.)

Blonde Hairspiration

Tantalizingly Thick Tresses

Wave goodbye to thin hair! We know that fine locks can be tricky to manage, but gone are the days when you simply had to put up with this! Great Lengths hair extensions are the ultimate option for bulking out thin hair, making it look thicker, stronger and shinier than ever! Be inspired by these gorgeous transformations by Amy (@Maimy_Pea) and Ceira Lambert (right.)
Blonde Hairspiration

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