Bond Girl Hairspiration

‘The name’s Bond, James Bond…’ – we’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of these iconic words to the big screen, and naturally we’ve also been keen to see if the latest Bond girls and their tremendous tresses live up to our very high expectations…

There are two main Bond girls in ‘Spectre’ played by the stunning Lea Seydoux and the incredibly elegant Monica Bellucci. Their hair couldn’t be a lot more different – Lea’s honey blonde locks are cropped to LOB length (a very on-trend style) whilst Monica’s super-long tresses are chocolate brown and exceptionally glossy.

One of the great things about Lea’s hair is the thickness and volume. Many people cut their hair in the hope that the reduced weight will discourage it from going flat. However, we’re sorry to report that this rarely works. There are two ways to boost volume in fine hair – a professional blow dry, or extra hair – that’s where Great Lengths comes in!

Lea Seydoux

For a long-term result, try Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions in classic base shades. The discreet, colour-matched bonds can be formed into cylinders upon application, which encourages extra root lift. Don’t forget that you’ll have extra thickness through the lengths too – giving you more fabulous, Bond girl worthy hair to swish and flick.

Monica Bellucci has proven that when you reach your 50’s there is absolutely no need to cut your hair short. With regular colouring, treatments and trims you can keep long hair in fantastic condition. Some women do find that their hair starts to thin as they get older, or they can’t get it to grow as long. Worry not, extra thickness and length can be achieved with ease with Great Lengths GL Apps tape-in extensions (which last for around four week per application) or Great Lengths’ classic pre-bonded hair extensions (which last for around four months per application). Ask your local Great Lengths stylist for their advice today.

Monica Bellucci

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