Wedding Guest and Bridesmaid Hairspiration

Summer is nearly here, and that means weddings galore. Invitations to be bridesmaids or wedding guests for our nearest and dearest roll-in one after another. But what to wear? And how to dress our hair? We’ve pulled together three wedding-appropriate hairstyles to help you decide on the perfect look for you.


Boho braids remain hot for spring/summer 2016. Whether you sweep it into a fishtail, pancake braid or French plait, you can guarantee minimum effort for maximum effect. A fishtail or pancake style will make hair appear thicker (a pancake is easier – just doing a normal plait but pull under rather than over), while a French plait will hold back all those annoying fly aways. If you are a hair extensions wearer, don’t plait too tight to keep any bonds well concealed!


Add a bit of interest to your usual ‘down do’ by pulling half of it up – it will give your look a romantic and whimsical feel whilst also helping to tame hair (great if you’re going to spend a fair bit of the day outside!) You can even add detail with plaits and accessories. If you feel that you could do with a bit of OOMPH to boost your half-up hairstyle, GL apps tape-in hair extensions can be applied as a temporary solution.


If your go-to look is a ponytail, take this one step further for this special occasion, but turning it into a rope braid. Place your ponytail as usual – be it high or low, then take the length, split into two, twist each section in opposite directions then cross over. Repeat this process as you move down the lengths then tie off with a clear band. Ta Da! Rope braids looks best when they’re super sleek so be sure to tame hair with an oil like our Serum Hair Fluid before styling, for a neater result. For us, this is the perfect modern hair look for any bridesmaid!


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Photos sourced from Google and Pinterest

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