Can I colour my Great Lengths?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you can’t dye your hair once you’ve had your Great Lengths hair extensions applied. Many hair extensions aren’t made from 100% human hair which is why they react badly to any colour treatments. Luckily for you, this is not the case for Great Lengths. Here is our guide to what can be achieved after application…

We understand all too well how easy it is to get itchy feet about the colour of your hair, especially with the changing seasons – in winter we love the dark, brooding look, whereas in summer we can’t help but prefer it to look more sun-kissed.


We also hate roots (EEK) so we appreciate that if you’ve coloured your tresses a different shade versus your natural hue, you are going to want to ‘top up’ at some point during the five months that your Great Lengths bonds are in place.

The great news is that because Great Lengths hair extensions are only ever made from 100% human hair, they can be treated just like your natural hair – so you can colour away without any worries.

If you are considering colouring then we recommend you get this done at a salon, and make your stylist aware of your Great Lengths enhancements so they can ensure that the colour mix isn’t touching the bonds (this could weaken them, potentially making them less secure).


If you are looking to go a totally different colour to the applied hair extensions hair then bear in mind that the bonds are colour matched with the hair (but can’t be coloured) so if you had blonde hair extensions applied and decide to go blue, your bonds will still be blonde – just something to bear in mind!

Go forth and colour to your hearts content!

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