How to change your hair colour without dying it

When it comes to colouring your hair, permanently committing to a brand new shade can be nerve-racking, especially if you have virgin hair, (un-dyed and natural). At Great Lengths, our extensions provide multiple ways to change your hair colour without dying it, no matter what effect you’re after.

Dip dye / Ombre

Many people have the fear when it comes to bleaching their ends to get an ombre effect, but thanks to our Great Lengths Flowstrands, you can simply add pre-dip-dyed extensions to your hair! Available in a range of natural and fashion colours, go for any look you like, from classic brown to blonde, to a statement blonde to hot pink. Check out the full range of ombre extensions here.

Great Lengths ombre dip dye flowstrand hair extensions -change your hair colour without having to dye it


Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions are ideal for adding colour to your locks, as well as thickness and length. By blending strands of colour in to your current look, you can easily update your style for every season without having to go through the awkward ‘growing out’ hair dye stage. Take a look at our full natural base shade range to pick and choose your next colour.

Great Lengths highlights - change your hair colour without having to dye it - hair extensions

Slices of colour

Ideal for shorter styles such as bobs, our GL Apps tape-in hair extensions make it easy to add flashes of colour to your look. Lasting up to four weeks, and taking just minutes to apply and remove, you can chop and change your style with ease, as often as you like. Find out more about our Great Lengths tape in extensions here.

If you’d like to find out more about how to change your hair colour without dyeing it, contact your nearest Great Lengths salon here and book in for a free consultation.

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