Dublin Horse Show Hairspiration

A key date in any Irish fashionista’s diary, and one of Dublin’s leading society events, The Dublin Horse Show is back in town this week. With a ‘dress to impress’ dress code and a plethora of aspirational prizes to be won, including the Great Lengths sponsored ‘Most Creative Hat’ award, it is vital that you and your hair stand out from the oh-so chic crowd.

We’ve put together a quick and easy step-by-step guide for two catwalk inspired up-dos, to ensure your hairstyle perfectly complements the obligatory race-day headwear – for a finished look that earn you envious glances all day.

Classic Nape Knot

This simplistic but stylish nape knot looks flawless teamed with an oversized, dramatic hat. If you’ve got long hair that can get knotty outdoors, this is the perfect option – it’ll stay in place looking perfect all day.

Nape Knot

Prep: To begin, the hair should be clean, dry and reasonably straight.

  1. Brush the hair thoroughly.
  2. Prep the hair with a nourishing oil such as I.C.O.N. India Oil – this will ensure a sleek, frizz-free result. Work the oil through the lengths of the hair.
  3. Using a paddle brush, pull hair into a low ponytail at the nape.
  4. Secure with a bungee band (elastic with a grip attached at either end). Place one grip above the ponytail and then wrap the elastic around. Secure with the second grip under the ponytail.
  5. Split the ponytail into two sections. Take one section and raise slightly to create a loop at the top of the ponytail then pin in place. Wrap the rest of this hair around the other section and pin at the top.
  6. Take the second section and wrap in the opposite direction. Secure with grips and tuck the ends up and over the bun, then pin in place to hide.
  7. Finish with a spritz of I.C.O.N. Done to hold.

Nape Knot Step-by-Step

Braided Side-Chignon

For a softer, vintage-inspired look, this pretty braided side-chignon is the ultimate hair statement to accompany any elaborate headpiece or hat. Secured tightly in place, the braid at the side of the neck creates a feminine element to complement your race day style.

Braided Side-Chignon

Prep: To begin, the hair should be clean, dry and reasonably straight.

  1. Brush the hair thoroughly and place a deep side parting. If your hat will be worn at an angle, place the parting to match this.
  2. Working on the main side of the parting, take two strands of hair at the front of the face. Begin to create a fishtail plait, pulling in additional hair from above as you move around the head.
  3. When you reach the back of the ear start taking big sections from around the back of the head – this will pull all the lengths into the plait.
  4. Plait down the lengths of the hair using the same fishtail technique – if you find a classic three-strand plait easier you can try this instead.
  5. Secure the ends with a band then tease the lengths of the plait for a softer finish.
  6. Spritz with I.C.O.N. Airshine for extra shine.
  7. Roll up the plait and pin in place at the nape – slightly off-centre.
  8. Finish with a spritz of I.C.O.N. Done to hold.

Braided Side-Chignon Step-by-Step

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