Entering the Great Lengths Ireland Awards: Top Tips for Success

Are you a Great Lengths Extensionist based in Ireland? Do you produce beautiful hair extension transformations that you’re dying to shout about? If so, you should consider entering the newly introduced, Great Lengths Ireland Awards 2015/16! It’s completely free to enter and is a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for your skills, both within the hair industry and with existing and potential clients.

To help get you started, we’ve listed our top tips for pulling together your submission, regardless of which category (or categories – there’s no limit!), you want to enter your work for…

Apply in advance

Planning ahead and applying the hair extensions a few weeks before your shoot can really help with your styling. By allowing the hair to be washed and the extensions to ‘bed in’ to the natural flow of the hair, you will find them easier to manipulate and style. We recommend your models use our Great Lengths Aftercare products to keep their extensions in optimum condition.

Slowly does it!

Don’t rush! Consider how much time you’ll need to style your perfect look and book your support team accordingly. Arranging for your make-up artist and photographer to arrive in the afternoon of the day of your shoot will give you plenty of time to work with your model and prepare their hair in the morning.

Keep snapping

It’s important to demonstrate the full transformation of your model, so remember to take shots at every stage of the process; before the Great Lengths hair extensions are applied, after they are applied and after they are styled. The before shots don’t need to be done by a professional – a clear, good quality phone snap will do the trick.

It also helps to take as many shots from as many different angles when shooting your final creation, so you have plenty of snaps to choose from when it comes to making your final selection. Remember that your final look needs to be shot against a completely plain background so the judges can clearly see your hair creation.

1 model is enough

Keep in mind that you can use your model more than once! You can always use your model for different looks and categories, for example Bridal Creation and Classic Creation, meaning you end up spending less on hair and resources for your entries. If you haven’t already entered Great Lengths Ireland Awards 2015/16, what are you waiting for! Head over to the Professional Log In page to download your entry pack.

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