FAQ: Can I exercise with hair extensions?

Whether you’re doing intense training, swimming or jogging round the block, your hair extensions shouldn’t hold you back. We’ve all heard the myths that doing exercise with hair extensions can be tricky, but Great Lengths’ extensions can be worn whilst exercising and swimming, as long as you take the right precautions to protect them.

Whether you go to the gym everyday or do the casual workout in your living room, your hair extensions need to be protected as vigorous movements may cause a strain on your bonds and natural hair. We recommended tying your hair up loosely to protect the bonds, keeping them lovely for longer.

Now for the science bit… When working up a sweat, the PH value of your skin and hair rises which turns from neutral to alkaline. The average person’s PH is 5.5 and the more you sweat the higher this gets so care needs to be taken to restore your PH. Gently wash your hair extensions to remove any sweat and use Great Lengths’ Anti-Tap Solution to help restore the PH and protect your bonds. The solution can be simply pre-made with water and popped into your gym bag for a hair fix on the go. Keep your solution refreshed every 3 weeks for the best results.

If you’re a regular swimmer, when doing lengths with hair extensions try to avoid getting your hair wet by tying it up or by wearing a swimming cap. If you’re going on holiday or just like a casual dip, then make sure your hair is thoroughly washed and rinsed of chlorine after your swim, and then apply Great Lengths Anti-Tap to rebalance your locks.

If you have any concerns about exercising with your extensions, ask one of our Great Lengths experts. You can find your nearest salon by using our Locator tool here.

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