Get the Look – Festival Hairstyles

We LOVE festivals! Taking into consideration the inevitable mud pits and lack of showering facilities, we’re still totally behind any occasion that actively encourages us to adorn our tresses with bright colours, charms and flower crowns for three days straight.

To help you get into the festival groove, we’ve created three step-by-step guides to gorgeous mud-friendly hair looks that will earn you many envious glances.

Our model Abi was wearing Great Lengths hair extensions in fashion shades. You can see the application video for these extensions here.


Messy Plaits – Day One



Inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, this is a funky, festival-friendly style for day one. We recommend you dress this look with a flower crown, charms or ribbons for a little added ‘oo la la’. Here is our step-by-step guide…

  1. Brush hair thoroughly then add a bit of texture by tonging. When the hair is prepped, tease the curls with your fingers for a softer finish.
  2. Section the hair – taking five or six panels around the head, which you will plait.
  3. Begin plaiting these panels. We used a classic three-strand plait but you could try a messy fishtail. Secure each plait with a clear band, or a spritz of finishing spray then a quick clamp with your irons to seal.
  4. Continue with this process for all six panels. Don’t worry about being too neat – this should look tousled and textured!
  5. When you’ve finished plaiting, consider adding some accessories like a ribbon or weave in a few hair chains.
  6. Finish by teasing the plaits and spritzing the entire style with a finishing spray to hold.


Side French Braids – Day Two Montage_S3


On day two, after 24 hours of rocking-out, chances are that your hair will be a little worse for wear. Our French braids step-by-step will help you quickly tame those tresses and keep hair out of your face, ready for another long day of partying!

  1. Create a little texture in the hair with a root lift powder. We used I.C.O.N. Texturising
  2. Create a centre parting then move to one side. Take a 1” section of hair at the front side and begin to plait loosely, pulling in additional small pieces.
  3. Keep plaiting until you reach the back. Clip the end for now.
  4. Repeat this on the second side.
  5. Flip the plaits over and knot them together at the centre back. Secure with a few hidden bobby pins.
  6. Finish by teasing the plaits and lengths and spritzing with a holding spray.


Festival Fishtail – Day Three



It’s safe to say that you won’t be looking (or feeling) your best on day three of any festival. A fishtail plait is the perfect option for dirty hair (as it’ll help hide any greasy roots). Here is our step-by-step guide….

  1. Brush hair thoroughly. If it feels greasy at the roots, spritz with some dry shampoo.
  2. Take a section of hair from the centre-crown. Split this in two.
  3. Take hold of these two panels of hair, one in each hand. Take a piece of hair from the edge of one panel and cross over to join the other.
  4. Repeat this process two or three times, then start adding hair from the sides, making your two main plait panels thicker.
  5. Continue with this process, ensuring that you are pulling an even amount of hair in from both sides.
  6. When you reach the nape, continue with the plaiting process down the lengths. Secure with a band and tease the plait with your fingers for a softer finish.


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