Great Lengths Best Transformations 2015

Over the year we’ve seen some amazing hair transformations from our Great Lengths salons across the UK and Ireland! To round up the year, we’ve gathered some of our favourite looks….


Best Transformations 2015 - Blonde

Styled left to right by: Belle Toujours, Pamela Laird, Angela Watering and Ceira Lambert!

If you’re looking for some blonde hairspiration then look no further! Whether you’re seeking stunning platinum blonde (as featured in Belle Toujours and Angela Watering’s transformations) or honey blondes (as featured in Ceira Lambert’s transformation) Great Lengths has 12 blonde shades to choose from in our Base Shades collection, so you can rely on a perfect blend.


Best Transformations 2015 - Brunette

Styled left to right by: Hairven, Samuel Burley, Raphelle Saint Marshall and Karen & Annette.

We have plenty of choice for the brunettes out there too! Whether you want to go lighter (as spotted in Karen & Annette’s transformation) or darker (as featured in Hairven’s transformation) we have over a dozen Classic Base shades available for a perfect colour match to suit you!

If you are seeking ombre (as spotted in Samuel Burley’s transformation) then our pre-dip dyed Flowstrands hair extensions are your new best friend! Add colour to your hair without the need of time-consuming colouring, and flaunt some amazing hues from our Flowstrands range.


Best Transformations 2015 - Red

Styled left to right by: Taylor Ferguson, Lucy Graham Hair and M Hair.

Red and copper shades have been a hugely popular this year, and we’ve loved receiving photos of these colourful transformations. Our Classic Base shades range offers a number of copper shades (as used by Taylor Ferguson in this transformation) and rich, red-toned extensions (as used by Lucy Graham in her transformation) to add some stunning, colourful depth to your hair.

Will you be trying out any of these shades? Be sure to send us your new-year Great Length transformations through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see if you make it to next year’s Best Great Lengths Transformations of 2016!

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