Myth Busting: Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

We often get asked if wearing hair extensions can lead to hair loss or damage. In order to ensure that we are only ever providing you with scientifically accurate information, we recently commissioned a study with independent consultant trichologist Iain Sallis, who sought to determine the effects of hair extensions on natural hair. Here is the lowdown…

Great Lengths

Iain Sallis collated 62 samples from models wearing Great Lengths hair extensions applied using the Classic Heat method, Great Lengths applied using the Cold Fusion method, and a different hair extensions brand (called a ‘generic bonding material’ within the report.)

The hair extensions were cut out at scalp level, ensuring that the models’ hair was attached within the bond. The samples were then dissected, allowing the models’ natural ‘untouched’ hair to be extensively viewed and assessed for damage.


Iain Sallis’ extensive evaluation found that:
• Both Great Lengths bonding techniques (Classic Heat and Cold Fusion) showed superior quality versus the generic bond material also tested.
• Great Lengths hair extensions bonds do not have any effect on the hair’s structural integrity, when attached to hair with no pre-existing damage.

If you have any questions about hair extensions or would like to know more about this Trichology report please contact our customer service team.

If you would like to find out more about the Great Lengths application and removal processes you can see our ‘What to Expect’ video guides here.

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