Great Lengths maintenance appointments: take care of your hair extensions

Here at Great Lengths, we pride ourselves on being the world’s leading hair extensions brand, offering you premium, 100% real hair extensions that look beautifully natural, and helping you to take care of your hair extensions.

However, although Great Lengths hair extensions are easy to maintain, it’s still important to take the necessary steps to ensure your new locks last for as long as possible. All of our Great Lengths stylists are fully trained in every aspect of our hair extensions, including aftercare. Read on to see how our stylists will work with you throughout your Great Lengths experience to ensure you get the stunning results you deserve!

The initial, free consultation:

This is where your stylist will advise on how many bonds, and what colours are required to achieve your dream look, and how much this will cost. It’s at this stage that they will also explain the basics of aftercare, so for example how to wash and style your extensions.

The application:

Once you have your new set of Great Lengths, your stylist will talk through the different products in our Aftercare Range, and how they can work to keep your extensions looking lovely for longer. They’ll also suggest you fix a date for a follow up maintenance check.


The first maintenance check:

This should take place around 2-3 weeks after your application and can be a quick ‘drop in’ or a longer appointment with a wash and blow dry – it’s completely up to you! The session will involve your stylist looking at your bonds, asking how you’re finding the extensions and offering any advice on washing and caring for them, as well as adjusting your style if necessary through cutting and blending. It’s important to do this a few weeks after your application so that your hair extensions have had time to ‘settle in’.

Follow-up maintenance checks:

We recommend that you book in for occasional maintenance checks throughout the duration of your Great Lengths extensions, which can last up to 5 months. Having a stylist regularly check your bonds will maximise the longevity of your hair extensions, and will eliminate any risk of matting.

Interested in finding out more? Why not use our Locator Tool to find your nearest Great Lengths salon, and book in for a free hair extensions consultation!

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