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In December we conducted a UK and Ireland based consumer survey, with the intention of discovering your hair care habits, and guiding you in better practices in 2016. The results are in…

Our unique survey, which was completed by 1,140 people covered age, gender, location, hair washing and styling routines, salon visits and style influences.

Without further ado, we’re ready to reveal the results…

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Great Lengths’ Principal Educator, Amanda Jackson, guides us through a few of these key findings, and offers her expert tips for healthier hair in 2016.

12% of respondents wash their hair daily

Washing your hair daily strips the hair of its natural oils, making it vulnerable to breakage and more likely to lack lustre. Ideally, you should wash your hair just twice each week. If you go easy on the conditioner near the roots you shouldn’t have an issue with greasiness. If you find that your hair does tend to go greasy quickly, then push yourself to go for an entire week without washing it (maybe try this on holiday or at a festival). You’ll find that once you’ve given your hair a decent break and the oils have had time to re-coat your hair, it’ll need washing less frequently.

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79% of respondents dry their hair with a hairdryer after every wash

Just like over-washing, blasting your locks with heat can cause severe damage to the cuticle, especially if you don’t use a heat defence spray. Give your hair a break every couple of weeks and let it dry naturally. If you have to blow-dry your hair due to time restraints (or if you are an extensions wearer), be sure to towel dry it thoroughly first, always use a heat protector product, and turn down the heat – you don’t need it on that super-hot setting to get your hair to dry quickly.

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25% of respondents visit the hairdresser just three times a year

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times – girls, you DO need to get those ends trimmed regularly. Even with care, all hair is going to split over time, and unless you get those split ends cut off, they’re going to creep up your hair, making the situation a million times worse. A lot of long-haired ladies fear the hairdressers because what you think is going to be an inch, can end up looking a lot more like three when it hits the salon floor. If you’re really worried about losing too much length, then before you let your stylist get their scissors out, have a frank conversation to explain your concerns. If you can have your hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks you’ll notice that it looks far healthier and holds your chosen style better.

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Just 2% of respondents choose to go to the hairdressers in the New Year

Its official, ‘new year, new you’ is over! Rather than rushing to the hairdressers to transform our tresses in the New Year, many of us (85%) are just going as-and-when required. One thing to consider is that a lot of salons are quiet in January and often run promotions. If you can alter your salon-visit schedule so a cut/colour falls in January, you could save yourself some cash!

Just 3% of respondents would use hair extensions to change their hair colour

Pastel and jewelled toned hair is big news, and more and more of us are looking to try these hues, especially for the summer season. What is surprising is that so many of you are still turning to classic colour to achieve these looks. Rather than risking damaging your hair through stripping/bleaching and colour, and being faced with an (often) permanent result, why not opt instead for a more temporary solution. Here at Great Lengths, our hair enhancements are available in dozens of different fashion shades including candyfloss pink, moonstone and turquoise. Depending on which bond solution you choose, these enhancements can last between four weeks and four months.

A staggering 77% of respondents had tried hair extensions and 13% were considering it

This statistic suggests that 3 out of 4 people have tried hair extensions. The term ‘hair extensions’ is of course quite broad – from clip-ins and wefts, to bonds. If you have tried clip-ins and feel that you would like to take the next step, then why not look into tape-in extensions like our GL Apps. They last for around four weeks per application and can be re-taped multiple times.

If you are a tape-in or weft wearer and you are considering a long-lasting solution then why not arrange a free consultation with a Great Lengths certified stylist to discuss our classic pre-bonded range. Our unique keratin bonds are neat and discreet and move with your hair. Each application lasts for around five months (longer if you care for them well), and they are available in dozens of colour choices for a perfect blend.

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