Hair Detox

January, the month of detoxes, deep cleanses and exercise but this year why not detox more than your body, detox your hair! All the backcombing, hairspray, straightening and curling for the party season will have taken its toll on your locks but do not fear as Great Lengths is here to remedy your tresses and have them looking healthy in no time at all!

Rebuild Structure

Here at Great Lengths, we understand that your hair can occasionally need a little TLC to bring it back to life. One of our favourite ways to heal damaged hair is with our Hair Mask Extra Rich. This is a rich and intensive conditioner that tames dry, brittle and unmanageable hair as well as ensuring a healthy moisture balance in your hair and scalp. The main active ingredient of this mask is Pro-Keratin which rebuilds the structure of your hair – the perfect detox remedy for partied-out tresses!

Great Lengths Hair Mask Extra Rich perfect for detoxing your hair.

Everyday Care

We all dream of luscious, healthy looking locks that look like they’ve come straight from the salon – this dream is now reality as our Daily Moisture Shampoo is the ideal way to keep your hair looking fantastic without spending hours maintaining it! The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is especially good for dry ends and dry-to-slightly-oily scalps. Aloe Vera restores moisture and gives your hair silkiness and manageability and with a pH value of 5.5, this shampoo is particularly scalp friendly. We’ll have 10 bottles please!

Great Lengths Daily Moisture Shampoo perfect for detoxing your hair.

Extreme Conditioner

We know how time is of the essence these days, so to keep up with all you busy ladies who want to detox your hair, we have developed a conditioner that conditions in 60 seconds! Presenting…the Conditioner 60 Sec – ideal for dry, stressed and damaged hair, in just 60 seconds your hair is repaired and stays treated for 60 hours. Aloe Vera restores moisture and gives your hair that dreamy, silky feel, whilst Jojoba oil supplies your hair and scalp with in-depth moisture and protects against dehydration.

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So come on ladies (and men), what are you waiting for…pop into one of our salons today to talk to one of our certified stylists about which treatment would be best for your hair and get detoxing!


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