Hair of Fame Hero – Emma Green

Congratulations Emma Green you are our August Hair of Fame Hero! This week, we caught up with Emma to find out a little bit more about her experience with hair extensions…

Tell us about you and your experience in the industry

I started my career in hairdressing when I was fourteen as a ‘Saturday girl’ washing hair and making tea. I’d watch the stylists work and knew that’s what I wanted to be. 25 years ago I started at the first UK salon to specialise in human hair extensions and during my time there I worked at hair shows, created looks for photo shoots and trained other salons. After five years as top stylist, I wanted to branch out on my own and started my own business, Angelemma, where I create alternative and fashion looks, making hairpieces and dreadlocks from human hair. Having trained with L’Oreal I also wanted to experiment with more creative colour work, which I love doing. Every week is a mixture of extensions and colour work and no two days are the same!

What led you into working with pre-bonded hair extensions?

I was originally trained to work with loose hair and a glue machine, making each extension as you applied it. This caused shedding for some clients and I was looking for a way around this. I started using pre-bonded extensions about 10 years ago and never looked back. They are quicker to apply and safer to remove, which is better for the client. I’ve been using Great Lengths exclusively for the last year and based on my experience, I can say they’re the best I’ve used and my clients all agree!

Emma Green

Why do you think so many people are now choosing hair extensions to enhance their hair?

When I started applying hair extensions they were not that well known and a lot of clients kept it a secret. As they’ve become more popular, the stigma attached to having ‘fake hair’ has lessened. Extensions can do so much, whether it’s giving volume, growing out of a short cut or creating an ombré look without needing to dye your natural hair. As more stylists create great results with extensions and celebrities openly talk about wearing them, clients are becoming more confident to try them.

For those readers who are yet to try Great Lengths but have always wanted to make more of their hair, what would your advice be?

Check out the salon/stylist’s previous work and make sure that they are fully qualified. Have a look through before and after photos to see what can be achieved with hair similar to your own. Be realistic in your expectations and don’t expect to go from a short style to very long hair unless you’re willing to do a lot of styling to blend it in. If you’re nervous about trying hair extensions then you can always have one layer applied for volume rather than length and see how you like them before committing to a full head. GLApps are also a great way to experience longer hair without having more permanent extensions.

What’s the most common question you get asked about extensions?

Many clients ask if hair extensions will damage their hair. My answer is that if they are applied correctly, looked after well, not left in longer than advised and removed properly then extensions cause no more damage than heat styling or tinting.

Emma Green

What do you think the next trend in hair extensions will be?

The ombré trend is still going strong, but I think more solid colours are going to be popular especially coming into autumn/winter. Rich chocolate browns and softer beige toned blondes look fresher now rather than the grown out rooty/ombré light blondes. I would like to see the bright colour trend carry on, as Great Lengths has an amazing range of Fashion Shades.

What has been your favourite Great Lengths transformation?

I love challenging transformations like clients with baby fine or thinning hair and giving them something they could never have naturally. It’s very rewarding when a client feels so much more confident about themselves after they’ve been transformed. I recently applied a set of extensions on fine, short hair for a new client who was getting married. I transformed her hair so she could have a boho braided wavy style with flowers, which she had been dreaming about for her big day!

To find out more about Emma visit the website, Twitter or Instagram page.

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