Caring for your Hair Extensions on Holiday

Holiday season is here and between busting your butt for that perfect bikini bod and gathering all those suitcase essentials it’s easy to forget that your hair extensions need some TLC too! Our Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions are perfect for helping you achieve those beachy braids or tousled waves, and it’s simple to keep them in tip-top condition with a few handy hints…

Aftercare is essential when you’re soaking up the rays on hot white sands and, though you love the sun, your hair isn’t as keen. To ensure your locks remain in remarkable condition treat your tresses to our Anti-Tap solution. Apply Anti-Tap solution to washed or dry hair to neutralise the bond-damaging alkaline that is found in sweat. By neutralising these alkaline, hair extensions bonds are kept in the best possible condition, and your locks are also cleansed, leaving your tresses looking fabulous and flawless.

We also suggest you make a little room in your suitcase for a few of our after care products including a handbag friendly travel brush which can help tame tangles after a day on a breezy beach!

Great Lengths BrushesKeep your cool and hold humidity at bay with our Super Shine Spray, great for taming those unruly tresses, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your break.

And when the sun has set and you’ve finished topping up your tan, remember to treat hair to our Extra Rich Hair Mask – the best way to un-do damage caused by the sun, sea and sands and leave your locks rejuvenated.


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