The Great Lengths Story: How are Great Lengths ethical hair extensions sourced?

It’s natural that you’ll want to know where the hair in your hair extensions comes from. You’ll want to be certain that it has been sourced ethically, and is of the very best quality.

That’s why we go to every effort to ensure each strand of hair we use is traceable – we know exactly where it came from and how it’s been treated from the moment it’s sourced, to when it reaches your certified stylist. That’s a promise.

How can you ethically source hair extensions?

We can guarantee our hair is 100% traceable, 100% ethical and 100% human.

The process of sourcing Great Lengths hair starts at a Hindu temple in Tirumala, India. Hundreds of families, men and women make the pilgrimage to this temple every year. Once they arrive they voluntarily donate their hair in a process that is called ‘tonsuring’. In donating their hair, they give thanks, often after a joyous occasion.

From there, the hair is sold to Great Lengths – a fair and reasonable price is paid and the money goes straight back into the local community. We even have a full time employee based in India who ensures the money goes towards important community projects such as medical aid and education.

The sourcing of ethical hair extensions

How do you treat the hair before sending it to salons in the UK and Ireland?

The next stop in the journey is the Great Lengths Head Office in Italy. Here the hair is purified and sewn onto cloth to ensure it stays in the right direction. Existing pigment is removed from the hair very gently, to keep the cuticle intact – all through a natural process called osmosis. We then place the hair into a colour bath where the colour we’ve removed is replaced with a new colour – whether that’s one of our base shades or fashion shades.

Ta dah! You’ve got beautiful, natural, healthy and colour-fast hair extensions.

We then ‘hackle’ (comb) the hair by hand, which removes any unwanted strays. Finally we inspect the hair under a UV light to make sure it meets our high expectations.

100% traceable and ethical hair extensions

What can you expect from Great Lengths hair extensions?

So what is the difference when you choose Great Lengths and ethically sourced hair extensions? We can guarantee, that with the careful processes we follow when sourcing and treating our hair, that you’ll get:

  • Healthy hair. The careful process we follow to purify and colour our hair means that it’s kept in great condition – making it all the more gorgeous when it reaches you and helping it to last longer.
  • Hair extensions that last. With the hair sewn onto cloth, your certified Great Lengths stylist can be sure which direction the hair should be fitted. This avoids the hair follicles facing the wrong way, which would cause matting or excess static during brushing and styling.
  • Ethically sourced hair extensions. You can feel reassured knowing that our hair extensions are ALWAYS sourced ethically. As one lady who donated her hair said: “I think it’s wonderful that my hair might be used in the west to make someone happy, why not?”

Learn a little more about the story behind our hair or find a Great Lengths salon near you for a consultation on how Great Lengths could transform your tresses.

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