FAQ: How much will my extensions cost?

One of the most important questions we get asked when people are looking to try Great Lengths is how much will they cost, unfortunately there is no straight or curly answer.


Here at Great Lengths we assess everyone on an individual basis, taking into account their desired look, the condition of their natural hair and what would work best for them. Here are just three examples of potential customers and how unique each of their experiences could be…

Voluminous short style desires length:

Those with naturally thick hair who require hair extensions to increase their length will need a full head in order to ensure that all their natural hair is blended into the new style. The impact of so many extensions will be an increase in price and will natural take longer to apply.


A desire for volume:

For most of our customers the dream is for thicker, more voluminous hair. To create natural looking volume on thinner hair requires just enough bonds as it takes to blend all the natural hair. It is important to ensure that the natural hair can support the weight of the Great Lengths bond and that no pressure is placed on the scalp.


Change of Colour:

Many of our clients wish to enrich the colour of their hair by using Great Lengths. This involves colour blending a variety of shades to achieve their desired finish. Again this process is rather dependant on the individual’s requirements and how many strands of hair are needed to achieve the desired effect. We find that darker hair often needs more strands of colour before a significant transformation is noticed.


From the examples above you will appreciate why it is impossible for us to estimate the cost of your extensions without any assessment of your hair or without knowing the desired effect you want to achieve. The best answer to this question is to go to your nearest salon and have a consultation with one of our expertly trained stylists. Once you have looked into your options with a trained professional you can make your decision, to extend or not to extend? That is the question!

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