Human hair extensions vs synthetic

When it comes to selecting the right hair extensions to suit your look and lifestyle, we’re big believers in ‘the real deal’. It can be hard to distinguish between human hair and synthetic, so we’ve broken it down for you, highlighting some of the many benefits achieved by opting for 100% human hair extensions.

Human hair – the facts

Here at Great Lengths all of our hair is 100% human and is ethically sourced from Indian temples during Hindu rituals. Women and men donate their hair in a spiritual ceremony known as tonsuring. And, because of the natural oils in the human hair we source, we’re confident in the quality of the hair – it’s one of the main reasons consumers keep coming back for more! The story of our hair’s roots, to your roots is fascinating and can be read right here.

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Just some of the many benefits…

Beautiful blend

As human hair can be easily coloured and permed, you can rest assured that your hair extensions will be perfectly matched to blend seamlessly into your own hair. What’s more, Great Lengths has a growing range of classic base shades and fashion colours. So, whether you’re looking for a bold and bright block colour, or want to experiment with a gorgeous ombre style, we’ve got it covered.

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Style central

Having your dream hair is no fun without being able to style it the way you want to, so it’s good to know that our 100% human hair extensions can be styled with heat appliances, from blow-dryers and heated rollers, to ceramic hair straighteners. Our must-have tool to create amazing, bouncy curls is The Wand by Cloud Nine.

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Long-lasting locks

Providing you attend regular maintenance checks, you can enjoy your luscious locks for up to five months. Following a clear aftercare routine will also help keep your locks in tip-top condition.

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Synthetic hair – the facts

Although many synthetic hair brands look like the real deal, they’re not. They’re man-made from plastic fibres in factories across the world. Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair does not take well to heated tools, so it can be difficult to achieve a natural look that lasts.

If you’re unsure about which to choose, check out our Hair of Fame gallery and over on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for some of the amazing before and after transformations created by our wonderful salons and stylists!

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