An Introduction to GL Apps

Are you seeking instant hair heaven? We have the solution! Get stunning Great Lengths hair enhancements but in a fraction of the time with our GL Apps tape-in range 

Flat hair woes, style slumps and colour conundrums can now be banished with ease thanks to GL Apps hair enhancements. Using the same quality 100% human hair as our renowned pre-bonded extensions and lasting up to four weeks, GL Apps add volume, length and colour in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of classic pre-bonded hair extensions. It’s never been easier to achieve enhancements beyond expectations!

GL Apps (2)

GL Apps take just minutes to apply, using a specially developed, machine free tape application system, adding an extra boost and thickness to hair.

21 natural base shades options make it easy to match the GL Apps extensions to your current colour, giving a gorgeous, natural finish.

GL Apps (3)

You can even experiment with brighter shades with our GL Apps’ standout fashion colours. Available in 12 hot hues, these handy enhancements provide a flash of colour that can be easily removed and reused – a great option for if you are seeking to try the latest colour trend but don’t want to commit to a long-term transformation.

Lasting up to four weeks, the GL Apps hair extensions can be re-taped and reapplied up to four times.

GL Apps are available now from Great Lengths salons across the UK and Ireland. To book a consultation, get in touch with your nearest Great Lengths salon using the online Salon Locator.


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