January Jones Hair History

Hollywood starlet January Jones is known for her signature bob, and we love it just as much as she does! Her effortless style is chic and feminine. To see her entire hair history would take hours, but we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite styles…

Hollywood Glamour

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In 2011, January rocked the ‘Hollywood Glamour’ look for the Golden Globe awards red carpet. This classic style looks amazing paired with her bold red lipstick and chic dress. To create this look, volume is a real must! Why not try adding our Great Lengths GL Apps tape-in extensions for a temporary volume boost! These extensions last for up to four weeks, can be applied in minutes, and are available in dozens of colours for a perfect blend. Check out our Pinterest board, which is dedicated to vintage hairstyles for more inspiration.

Splash of Colour

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Shortly after becoming a mum in 2012, January decided it was time to mix things up a little by adding a very subtle pink flash through her blonde locks. Mixing this colour into her gorgeous, blonde hair brightened up her style and gave her a youthful edge. At Great Lengths we have extensions that are perfect for recreating her look. Our Fashion Shades range offers an amazing selection of pastel, neon and jewel colour options. We recommend ‘Candyfloss’ (101) to achieve her exact colour!

Natural Waves

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Her natural waves are her signature look, and we have the perfect extensions to help you achieve her look. Why not try our pre-bonded hair extensions in classic base shades that can be cut and styled to any length. Because they are only ever made from 100% ethically sourced human hair, you can style them just like your own hair. To achieve January’s sun-kissed colour we recommend Sandstorm/Champagne Twist (09/10).

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