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Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without a running commentary on Kim Sears’ bouncy blow-dried hair glimmering from the player’s box.

Over the years, her glossy mane has become a tennis trademark and a clear leader over other Wimbledon WAGs – it even has its own Twitter account (@KimSearsHair). With the famous tennis tournament just around the corner, the wife of Scottish tennis ace Andy Murray is no doubt prepping and preening her hair for the big event as we speak. Kim takes her hair to centre court quality at every Wimbledon appearance and we can’t help but lust over her voluminous caramel locks – it looks good enough to eat! Here, we take you through our favourite Wimbledon looks as well as advice on how to recreate them using Great Lengths.

Kim Sears

Kim’s luscious locks appear like they have been dipped into a honeypot. The caramel tones create an intense shine and natural warmth that is beautifully sun kissed from the summer sunshine. We love how the honey hue gradually touches the ends of the hair giving her glossy mane a warm glow.

If you want to lighten your hair like Kim and add volume at the same time, we recommend taking a look at our Flowstrands hair extensions, designed to add a two-tonal look to your hair in a subtle way. Get the look and keep your hair in the best condition possible – no bleaching is necessary so your locks don’t suffer! It’s a win, win situation.

If you’re outdoors in the sunshine a lot like Kim, we advise that you use our Protector – Instant Care Spray that helps to reinforce waves and prevent the destruction of colour from direct sunlight.

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When Kim sashays into the player’s box at Wimbledon to cheer on her man, her hair always looks so effortlessly waved. Her locks always look lifted from the roots suggesting she gets a professional blow-dry just before she steps out onto the court. We think her hair looks perfectly sleek this way with tumbling waves and a blow-dry that leaves her hair ultimately glossy and full of volume.

To create this look, we recommend adding GL Apps to your hair to create volume and length. Made with quality 100% real human hair, GL Apps are easy to apply, last around four weeks and can be removed and reapplied several times. They come in over 20 natural, and 12 bright shades to enhance your hair colour. Finish off your new voluminous look with our Soft Finish Spray filled with high quality polymers to create hold and shine.

Kim Sears

This is officially the only time Kim has been seen at Wimbledon with her famous locks tied up! It’s hard to believe but maybe she was having a bad hair day? Kim’s up-do is casually pulled back in an untidy manner to give the look an effortless feel. It’s probably the least polished we’ve ever seen her hair looking at Wimbledon but she still manages to perfect this messy bun style. As our Classic Base Shades hair extensions are pre-bonded and fused to your own hair, you are able to still wear your hair up without any embarrassing clips being on show.

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