Love is in the Hair!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we think all you lovely ladies deserve to look drop-dead gorgeous for your dates or just for a great night out with the girls. As far as we’re concerned, the key to a successful date…well part of it at least, lies in how amazing your hair is!

If you’re looking to impress this Valentine’s Day with a stand out hairstyle then you can’t go wrong with GL Apps! Versatile and easy to wear, GL Apps can be used to enhance the volume, length and colour of your hair. They take a fraction of the time needed to apply normal extensions and there are loads of colours to choose from, GL Apps makes wearing extensions fun. They last for around four weeks so are perfect for anyone looking to jazz up their style over the Valentine’s period.

Pink – make him wink

We can’t get enough of the bright pink GL Apps fashion shades and think any excuse to incorporate bright pink extensions into your hair is not one to be missed! These GL Apps are certainly eye-catching and will ensure all eyes are on you this Valentine’s Day – no wallflowers here!

Great Lengths GL Apps - bright colours

Volume and Length – bring him to his knees

If you’re looking to simply enhance the volume or length of your hair then GL Apps are here to help. With our large range of base shades that include tones of brown, blonde and red, these can be seamlessly blended into your already existing hair to achieve your desired thickness and length. Big, beautiful hair is here! You’ll be the envy of every other woman out there!

Great Lengths GL Apps - natural colours

So what are you waiting for ladies, why not book yourselves in for a consultation at your nearest Great Lengths salon.
For even more Valentine’s Day hairspiration head over to our Valentine’s Day Hair Inspiration Pinterest board.

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