Myth Busting: Hair Extensions Comfort

If you’re like most women, you probably consider your hair to be your best accessory—so it’s no wonder that many of us like to invest in our hair to keep it looking flawless. With so many myths about hair extensions comfort, we want to set the record straight. Here we break down what’s true—and what’s false, so you can make an educated decision on whether or not hair extensions are right for you.

Hair Extension Myth 1: Hair extensions weigh on your natural hair.

False, each strand is customised to your natural hair at a 1:1 ratio and all certified Great Lengths stylists are trained to apply hair extensions that will not incur unnecessary stress on the natural support hair.

Hair Extension Myth 2: Hair extensions can make your scalp itchy.

True, some hair extensions can be itchy if they have been applied too close to the scalp. However, all of our certified Great Lengths stylists have been trained to apply our pre-bonded hair extensions at a safe distance from the scalp, to help avoid any discomfort.

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Hair Extension Myth 3: You can feel the hair extension bonds pressing against your head when you go to bed.

False, our bonds are small, discreet and made from a flexible polymer (that moves with your hair) so it is very unlikely that you will feel them. We also offer flat bonds and GL Apps that lay flat against the scalp and are less detectable to the touch – ask your stylist about bond options if this is something you are nervous about.

Hair Extension Myth 4: Your head and neck tend to get hotter.

False, there may be a slight increase in body temperature with the added locks, but it’s not something you’ll notice day-to-day.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about Great Lengths hair extensions you can tweet us @GreatLengthsUK / @GreatLengthsIRE or message us on Facebook – one of our experienced team will respond quickly.

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