Myth Busting: Hair Extensions Maintenance

In this week’s myth busting blog we deal with a few common questions related to hair extensions maintenance. In order to keep your new Great Lengths extensions looking their best they require a little extra care and attention, so here are a few guidelines to keep your new locks in tip-top condition.

Hair Extension Myth 1: Hair extension colour fades when you wash them

False – This is not the case with Great Lengths hair extensions. Our unique colouring process gently removes and deposits the colour molecules over a long period of time, which gives Great Lengths hair its wonderful rich tones and colour-fade resilience.

However, be mindful that this is still human hair and will react in the same way as your natural hair if you use a colour stripping shampoo or stay out in the sun.

Hair Extension Myth 2: You have to use a special shampoo when washing your hair

False – You can continue to use your normal shampoo and conditioner. However, we do recommend our specially designed aftercare range, or paraben-free products to keep hair in the best possible condition.

Hair Extension Myth 3: You can’t blow-dry your hair

False – Each individual bond is very durable and will not melt under the heat of a hairdryer. If you’re wearing GL Apps then we recommend that you don’t direct the heat at the tape to ensure they remain secure.

myth busting 2_montage

Hair Extension Myth 4: You can’t towel dry your hair

False – You can still towel-dry your hair. We just recommend that you don’t use a rubbing motion as this may cause undue stress. Instead, use a blotting action to remove excess moisture.

Hair Extension Myth 5: If you don’t give your hair a break from extensions then it can start to fall out

False – As long as you have regular maintenance checks, look after your extensions and ensure you get your extensions removed at the recommended time, there should be no damage to your natural hair.

A recent trichology report by Iain Sallit MIT (Consultant Trichologist) revealed that Great Lengths hair extensions have very little effect on healthy hair when applied by an expert stylist. If you are concerned, ask your stylist about our Cold Fusion application process, which is scientifically proven to be kinder to hair.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about Great Lengths hair extensions you can tweet us @GreatLengthsUK / @GreatLengthsIRE or message us on Facebook where one of our experienced team will respond quickly.

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