Natural colour tone trends quiz

With so many new hair trends appearing each and every week, it can be super hard to keep ahead of the game!

To help, we’ve created a quick quiz that is designed to help you distinguish the difference between a few recent natural colour tone trends like bronde, babylights, ombre, strobing etc etc. We know, they can look pretty similar!

For each question, we show you a picture and you simply have to guess which name goes with that image. At the end of the quiz we’ll give you a total score which you can share on social – its always fun to compete with your mates.

The idea is that once you’ve worked out which look may suit you best, you can speak to your stylist about recreating this look, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be saying the right name!

Following on from this blog, we’ll also be sharing tips on how to achieve this natural colour tone trends with Great Lengths hair enhancements – all the fun and extra volume but none of the hassle of bleaching and colouring.

Have a go and tell us how you get on on Twitter!

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