Nicki Minaj Hair History

To call her experimental with her style would be an understatement but we love a colour chameleon who can keep us on our toes.
To delve into each of Nicki Minaj’s different hair styles would probably take us a number of days so we’re just sharing our favourites.

Au Natural

Whether its styled in beachy waves or poker straight, we have always been huge fans of Nicki’s super long, jet black locks. However, it can be difficult to naturally grow your hair this length without it breaking or becoming thin and brittle at the ends. To ensure that your hair resembles Rapunzel’s in thickness and length, we would recommend integrating our Classic Base Shades hair extensions. To achieve Nicki’s jet black colour, try our Liquorice (01) shade.

Nicky Minaj Au Natural

Half Hair

Who can forget the half-hair trend that swept the globe this summer? Daring, eye-catching and slightly bizarre, this was always going to be a tricky look to pull of but miraculously, Nicky managed to make it look super stylish and fun. And, not content with just one half-hair colour experimentation, Nicki tried this look twice. Our GL Apps are perfect for trialling a new look as they last for around four weeks and can be applied in a fraction of the time versus our pre-bonded extensions. To get more half-hair inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.

Nicky Minaj Half Hair

The Ultimate Fringe

Not many people are lucky enough to be able to pull off a range of fringe shapes and sizes like Nicki. Luckily, Great Lengths are here for all those who don’t know precisely what shape/length fringe will suit them. Our pre-bonded or tape in extensions can be applied to create a fringe of your choosing, meaning that you can experiment with a number of styles before you commit to cutting your own hair. Great Lengths can also be applied to thicken or lengthen your fringe, or even to disguise your fringe completely if you suddenly decide that this style is not for you. To find out the best fringe for your face shape, take a look at our blog.

Nicky Minaj fringe style

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