Oil Slick Hair Colour Trend

Oil slick is the latest hair colour trend for darker haired divas. It’s time to mix up your mahogany manes, and sport some seriously cool colour.

If you’re not aware of Opal Hair (a huge colour trend that took the hair world by storm), then where have you been?

Opal Hair was aimed at the fairer haired, and featured pastel/gemstone blushes. This latest colour trend, Oil Slick hair is slightly different. This trend focuses more on iridescent blues, purples and greens to create an inky effect in darker tresses.

oil slick (1)

Celebrity colourist Aura Friedman developed this style in order to recreate ga soline or oil influences in hair. It’s the perfect, adventurous style for the autumn/winter months; the dark tones leave your hair looking full and vibrant.

If you’re not brave enough to dye your hair this winter then don’t worry because here at Great Lengths we have the solution! Why not ask your stylist about our extensive range of Fashion Shades hair extensions.

Enhance your tresses by adding Plum Princess (119), Electric Ivy (121), Midnight Blue (120) and Mulberry Burst (122) to create the perfect ‘duck-feather’ shade. Layer these extensions to create flashes of dark kaleidoscopic colours and multi-tonal effects.

oil slick (2)

Best of all, these extensions don’t just add colour, they also add volume and length. Whether you’re looking to add thickness to your hair or achieve those lengthy curls you’ve been aspiring to have all summer, check into your local salon to see what we have to offer.

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