Preventing Hair Static

Remember kids parties when everyone used to run around rubbing balloons on each other’s hair to make it go static? Fun though this might have been when we were six years old, this undesirable look continues to haunt us even now! Let us talk you through the causes of static hair and how it can be best prevented.

What causes static?

Static hair (cue group shudder) is caused by many different reasons, the largest of all being the change in seasons – during colder months, static electricity is more likely to affect hair. This, coupled with the fact that hair naturally becomes drier in colder weather means that hair is more susceptible to static electricity. Dry hair has the power to attract positive electric charges a lot easier than nourished hair so when blow-dried hair is brushed out, it becomes very statically charged.

How to prevent static hair

Try altering your day-to-day hair care regime slightly to improve the static of your hair. Simple things such as skipping a day in between shampooing can help a great deal, as washing hair too regularly can strip the hair of it’s natural oils that would naturally work against static.

washing hair

To further combat static we recommend the use of a conditioner such as our Conditioner 60 Sec and a hydrating serum such as our Serum Hair Fluid, to ensure hair is kept nourished and that all negative charges are kept at bay.

anti static products

Combing hair instead of brushing also helps as some softer bristle brushes can cause friction between individual hair strands, which in turn leads to static. The solid, spaced out teeth of a comb help create that less friction and therefore less static.

Alternatively, if you are a Great Lengths wearer, why not ask your stylist about our dedicated GreatWave Ionic Conditioning Brush which has been designed to eliminate static and flyaway hairs.

brushing hair

If you have any questions about caring for you hair, don’t hesitate to send us a Facebook message.

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