Salon Tips: How to Turn Opportunities into Turnover

In December we conducted a UK and Ireland based survey, with the intention of discovering consumer hair care habits and guiding salons and stylists in opportunities available and how to turn these into turnover in 2016…

Our survey, which was completed by 1,140 people covered age, gender, location, hair washing and styling routines, salon visits and style influences.

The aim of the survey was to discover gaps in the market and ways that salons can leverage these to increase turnover.

Without further ado, we’re ready to reveal the results…

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Great Lengths’ Principal Educator, Amanda Jackson, guides us through a few of these key findings, and offers her expert tips for how to make the most of opportunities revealed…

12% of respondents still wash their hair daily

As you know, washing hair daily strips it of its natural oils, making it vulnerable to breakage and more likely to lack lustre. Ideally, we should all be advising clients to wash their hair just twice each week, especially if they are hair extensions wearers (less water on the bonds keeps them stronger for longer and helps prevent water saturation and breakage). If you have clients whose hair does tend to go greasy quickly, then guide them in the selection of a shampoo that is silicone and paraben-free, and ensure that they know how to wash and condition their hair properly.

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79% of respondents dry their hair with a hairdryer after every wash

Just like over-washing, blasting our locks with heat can cause severe damage, especially if we aren’t using a heat defence spray. Advise your clients to give their hair a break every couple of weeks, and let it dry naturally. If you have clients who have to blow-dry their hair due to time restraints (or are hair extensions wearers), be sure to show them how to towel dry it thoroughly first, guide them in the selection of a suitable heat protector product, and make sure that they turn down the heat – if their hairdryer has plenty of ‘oomph’ then they don’t need oodles of heat too.

25% of respondents visit the hairdresser just three times a year

We’ve all been saying it for years, but the reality is that the message just isn’t getting through – very few clients are booking in for those regular trims and root touch-ups. The good news is that this statistic means that there is plenty of potential to fill appointment gaps and increase turnover.

The first step is to consider who you clientele is, and what their hair is like. If you have a lot of long-haired clients, ask yourself if you are really encouraging them to book in for regular trims (and make sure that when they do, you are chopping off the agreed 1 inch, rather than 3 inches – this matters!) If you have a lot of colour clients, be sure to send them email reminders and even a discount incentive to book-in for a root touch-up appointment.

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Just 2% of respondents choose to go to the hairdressers in the New Year

Its official, ‘new year, new you’ is over! You’ve probably noticed, but clients are no-longer rushing to transform their tresses in the New Year. If you are finding that your salon is quiet during January, consider offering a discount incentive to clients who are due a cut/colour, but haven’t yet booked in.

77% of respondents have worn hair extensions and 13% are considering it

These statistics reveal just how massive this market is – have you got your slice of the action? If you feel that your business could benefit from the introduction of a hair extensions service, then be sure to do plenty of research to find the best brand partner for you. Each brand offers different benefits – for example at Great Lengths we offer our certified salons a reward scheme, marketing support, PR support and free promotional resources. If you already provide an extensions service then consider if there are any gaps in your current offering, and be sure that you are taking the time to promote the service. If you don’t make people aware then you won’t reap the rewards!

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56% of respondents would wear hair extensions to boost volume rather than length/colour

Word is spreading that hair extensions aren’t just for length – boosted volume/thickness was the leading reason that our respondents would choose hair extensions. With this in mind, consider if you are really showcasing this benefit to potential hair extensions clients – keep photos of your transformations to show them what can be achieved.

Interestingly, just 3% of respondents would choose hair extensions if they were looking to try a new colour. When you consider the vast array of colour trends in 2015 alone, the opportunity to enhance clients’ hair with trend colours on a temporary basis is BIG. Experiment with different hues and again, keep photos of the transformations to show your clients.

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