Shh… Sneaky DIY hair tricks

Here at Great Lengths HQ we love gossiping about our beauty regimes. Everyone has a weird and wonderful trick or two which they couldn’t do without, and we can’t resist sharing our handy DIY hair tricks with all of you lovelies to keep your Great Lengths hair extensions looking gorgeous!

The ten minute rule


We know you can’t wait to start styling your locks to perfection, but hold your horses girls! Leave aftercare products such as our Pearl Gloss Styler, Super Shine Spray, and Instant Care Spray on for ten minutes before styling to ensure they are fully absorbed. Continue primping while you wait by doing your makeup, then once the product has worked its magic, you’re free to style your locks to your hearts content!

Bobby pin 101


Bobby pins can be used in all kinds of ways to change up your style, but many shy away from these little wonders as they often slide out. Fear not! Spritz your pins with hairspray before use to stop them slipping, and leave for one minute to dry. Make sure you use the wiggly side against your head (you’d be surprised how many people pin the wrong way round), then get creative!

Fishtail plaits are a doddle


At Great Lengths HQ we’re still loving the fishtail plait. Here’s a super simple tip to make your creation that bit easier and neater. Sweep your lengths into a ponytail with a hair-tie before you begin, then start plaiting! When you’ve finished, simply snip out the hair-tie, pull some strands gently to loosen the plait and make it thicker. If you want more texture, try using a toothbrush and back brush some strands for more attitude – now you’re ready to rock your fishtail braid!

Making waves


Fancy some boho waves today but you haven’t got time? There’s always time to look fabulous! Plait your locks and make waves by heating the plait with Cloud Nine’s wide iron. Take out the plait, mess up your tresses, finishing with hairspray for waves rivalling Sienna’s. Alternatively, if you’ve got sleeker curls in mind, save time by putting your mane in Cloud Nine’s The O heated rollers and cover with a shower cap whilst you take your morning soak.

Show pony

Show off your flowing locks with this sneaky trick to make your pony appear even longer. Tie your hair into two ponytails instead of one – the first at the crown, and the second at the nape. Strut your stuff and swish those locks!

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