Solutions for winter hair problems

With the winter months closing in and temperatures dropping, you may find you’re affected by winter hair problems like dry, frizzy hair. But, thanks to our Great Lengths aftercare products, you can fight back and have healthy looking hair all season long.

Hair Hydration

Avoid dry and brittle hair by keeping your locks hydrated this winter. Products like our Pearl Gloss Styler can help you to lock in moisture using Vitamin B5 and Sorbitol, keeping hair shiny, glossy and strong no matter what the weather throws at it!

Winter hair problems - Great Lengths hair extensions Pearl Gloss Styler

Scalp Protection

We all take steps to avoid our skin drying out in the cold, but we often forget about our scalp. Products like our Hair Mask (Extra Rich) which contain pro-vitamin B5, will help to restore your scalp’s moisture, which in turn helps to keep your hair nourished.

Great Lengths hair extensions - Hair Mask Extra Rich - winter hair problems

Fight the frizz

Blustery weather, sweaters and hats can all contribute to a frizzy ’do. Tame your mane and enjoy super smooth locks by using our Super Shine Spray. Spay on to dry hair for added texture and voilà, super glossy hair!

Great Lengths hair extensions - Super Shine Spray - winter hair problems

Why not check out our complete aftercare range here, or ask a stylist at a Great Lengths Salon near you for tailored hair care advice.

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