Spotlight – Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright, winner of the Great Lengths 2014/15 Avant-garde Creation Award, talks to us about her winning entry…

Tell us a bit more about you, your experience and your salon

I’m a hairstylist at Room97, Wakefield and a tutor at the Room97 Creative Training Academy. I have been involved in hairdressing for over nine years, which Is only a short time but I feel this time has been extremely valuable to me. Currently my time is split between the salon and the Room97 Creative Training Academy, which opened its door in September this year. The academy creates experienced, work-ready stylists. We focus on the combination of rigorous technical skills and the interpersonal skills necessary to create exceptional customer service.

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What was the inspiration behind your winning Great Lengths Awards entry?

I love to create eye-catching styles that completely transform a model. The inspiration for my award entry was influenced by wildlife, in particular the lion. I liked the way the mane looks soft but actually it has a really rough texture. When I started researching current hair trends many hairstylists had already been influenced by wildlife with transformations, including subtle animal print to large manes. It is important to keep up to date with the top designer’s inspiration, as they are the ones to watch in our industry!  As soon as I started to practice my entry, I achieved the texture straight away and named it the ‘Roar’ Inspiration! My biggest achievement to date is winning the Great Lengths 2014/15 Avant-garde Creation Award.


How long have you been working with Great Lengths?

I have been working with Great Lengths for four years and it has completely changed me as an extensionist. Using Great Lengths cold fusion machine is the way forward in the extension world! I can safely say as long as I create looks with extensions it will always be with Great Lengths!

What’s your most requested hair extensions look, and why?

The most requested look is the balayage effect, which Great Lengths is perfect for as they have such a wide variety of shades. This enables me to colour match perfectly and provide my clients with their desired look. Additionally, if a client wants a to slightly change their look after a few weeks, with Great Lengths’ high quality hair I can easily lighten the colour to soften the look again.

For more information about Danielle and Room97, visit the websiteTwitter or Facebook Page.

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