Spotlight – Emma Choremi

Emma Choremi, winner of the Great Lengths 2014/15 Best Newcomer Award, talks about why she loves using Great Lengths extensions…

Tell us a bit more about you, your experience and your salon

I’m a hairstylist and the salon owner at McQueens Hairdressing, Bristol. I began my own business a month after my 18th birthday and I’ve been running my salon for 25 years now. As a hairdresser, my main aim is to give each of my clients a personalised service that focuses on their needs. I have gained many loyal clients over the years and I pride myself on our long-standing relationships we have.

McQueens is now becoming well known for its fantastic Great Lengths hair extension package and we are proud to have become a Gold Salon in less than a year. I’m passionate about my work with Great Lengths and in 2015 I plan to open a flagship salon dedicated to my work with hair extensions.

Spotlight - Emma Choremi

What was the inspiration behind your winning Great Lengths Awards entry?

My inspiration for my entry came from my day-to-day work. My clients range from late teens to late 60’s and I’ve developed skills to fulfill all requirements. From filling in gaps and creating thickness to adding a full head of extensions, I believe my varied use of extensions has set me apart and this is why I decided to enter the Great Lengths awards.

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How long have you been working with Great Lengths?

I have been qualified in Great Length hair extensions for two years. I’ve used other hair extensions companies in the past but I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. I developed a passion to re-educate my clients on how extensions should look. As soon as I touched Great Lengths’ hair I knew investing in the product was going to be a huge benefit. Great Lengths use 100% human hair and look completely natural, which allows me to give my clients the hair they have always dreamed of.

Spotlight - Emma Choremi

What’s your most requested hair extensions look, and why?

Most of my clients want a fuller and sexier look but at the same time to appear as natural as possible. To maintain this look I put trust in all of my clients and work to a strict policy, which includes complimentary maintenance, products, brushes and removal.

For more information about Emma and McQueens Hairdressing, visit the websiteTwitterInstagram or Facebook page

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