Spotlight – Marcio Soares

Marcio Soares, hair extensions expert and winner of the Great Lengths 2014/15 Men-hancements UK Award talks to us about his career highlights…

Tell us about yourself and your hairdressing career?

I became a qualified hairdresser in 1999, in my hometown in Brazil. I learned many application methods for hair extensions, and how to adapt these for different hair types. I moved to London in 2004 and since then I have been working in the UK and abroad as a hair specialist in hair straightening and hair extensions.

I do what I love and I get paid well to do it! Apart from hairdressing I love cooking, travelling, arts and crafts. I also love going out at the weekends and socialising.

Some of my proudest career highlights include when I was booked to do a set of hair extensions in Egypt, when I was interviewed by a major magazine in Brazil, and of course when I was awarded Men-hancements transformation 2014/15 at the Great Lengths UK Awards.


What made you want to work with pre-bonded hair extensions?

It was the first technique I learned from my ex-partner in 2000 – he was trained by Great Lengths in Brazil. It can be quite time consuming using loose hair and tiring for the client, so I love that I’m able to apply a full head of hair in under two hours.


What hair extensions trends do you think will be most popular in 2015?

For summer, I definitely think that we’ll see lots of ombre styles and blonde shades. I believe the Rapunzel looks will be dated by autumn, and caramels/chocolate tones in a more natural length will be a popular look.


What is the most common question you get asked about hair extensions?

The main question is how long it will last, and of course it varies depending on aftercare and growth. I recommend wearing for four months to keep natural hair in the best possible condition.

I believe that someone who is interested in wearing hair extensions must be prepared to take a little time to care for the hair – extensions do require attention. Also, the removal has to be done professionally – no one should ever attempt this at home!

Marcio Soares Montage


What has been your favourite Great Lengths transformation so far?

The greatest transformation was definitely on my model for the Great Lengths Awards. I was really inspired and focused!

To find out more about Marcio please visit his website – http://www.marciosoares.co.uk

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