Spotlight – Pamela Laird

Owner of the award-winning The Beauty Parlour, Pamela Laird, winner of our 2015/16 Classic Creation Award, talks to us about why she loves working with Great Lengths…

Tell us a bit more about you, your experience and your salon?

The Beauty Parlour has been in my family since I was a child, so I have always been exposed to the hair and beauty industry. I started my training when I was still in school and it seemed a natural step for me to take over The Beauty Parlour when I completed my training. I particularly enjoy working with hair extensions – they add so much glamour and style to any look!

What was the inspiration behind your winning Great Lengths Awards entry?

My aim behind this creation was to make the hair look beautiful and healthy. My model was struggling to grow her hair and it was at that awkward in-between length where she couldn’t do much with it. I wanted to create length and volume so that Anna (my model) could manage and style her hair herself. I added plenty of layers around her face to create a bit of shape and blended four shades of Great Lengths hair extensions to give her colour depth. Hair is so important to women, when your hair looks good you feel good!

Pamela Laird

How long have you been working with Great Lengths?

I have worked with hair extensions for ten years but only quite recently (three years ago) chose to use Great Lengths.

What’s your most requested hair extensions look, and why?

The request I receive most is for added volume. My clients want thick, voluminous hair but not to the extent that people can see they have hair extensions applied. The current trend is for relaxed, un-done hair and because of this I find that my clients want a more laid back and effortless feel to their style.

Pamela Laird

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