Star Wars Hairspiration

In celebration of Star Wars’ return to the big screen, we’ve collated a few contemporary, catwalk-inspired (but still sci-fi) hair looks to inspire you. May the force be with you… 

Intergalactic Warrior

As spotted at Mara Hoffman’s NYFW catwalk show, intergalactic warrior hair is in! We know, we were pretty shocked too, but the photos don’t lie – this hair is pretty darn cool.

This style works best with really long hair, but if you need a helping hand you could add extra length and volume with Great Lengths hair extensions in classic base shades. Because our unique keratin bonds are neat and discreet, you can still pull your hair up into a variety of different looks, and rest assured that there wont be any bonds on display. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, read this and weep.

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Princess Leia

Next up is a Princess Leia inspired bun-roll. The original earmuff bun style is really OTT and retro, but this cute, contemporary version is a lot more stylish and wearable.

To achieve this look you’ll need some padding such as a hair donut (in your hair colour) cut into one long piece. Split your hair into three sections (the back and two side sections from the ears forwards.) At the back, wrap the ends of your hair over the padding and roll up. Secure with pins. Then take the side sections and twist each back until the hair starts to loop. Secure the loop-buns with pins (ensure their placement is equal on both sides of your head) and use your fingers to tease, for a softer finish.

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Our third and final sci-fabulous style is a sort of faux-hawk look, as spotted in the latest Star Wars film. This hairstyle has recently been spotted on Blake Lively, so rest assured it has celeb approval.

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Here is our how-to guide…

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