Top 5 festival braid hairstyles for hair extensions

Summer has arrived, and we’re eagerly packing our wellies and dry shampoo in preparation for festival season!

Times can be tough for hair when it comes to camping, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 5 festival braid hairstyles – ideal for keeping your Great Lengths hair extensions looking chic and tidy all weekend long…

The mini wraparound braid
Perfect for the first day of the festival when your hair is freshly washed and styled, the mini braid adds a boho look to your locks, as well as keeping your hair out of your face, ready to hit the crowds and enjoy the music.


The plaited pony
Great for day-old hair, and a stylish twist on the classic ponytail this style is super easy to create even when in a tent! Simply plait two front sections of hair and two at the back of your head, taking care not to plait your where your bonds are attached, and sweep your locks into a mid length ponytail to add extra texture, body and style.


The pigtail plait
Ideal for hiding greasier roots, pigtails are a classic festival hairstyle – plus they look great with hats! Keep yours relaxed and messy for a bedhead look, using dry shampoo to give extra life to your parting.


The crown braid
A perfect transition from pigtails, simply braid your hair and wrap around your head, securing with grips for a super chic look that keeps unwashed hair looking stylish! We love blogger, Zoella’s video tutorial on how to steal this style.


The statement plait
When your hair has had enough of camping and festivals, a messy, thick statement braid is always a lifesaver! Keep your plait loose, using dry shampoo for texture, for an easy, low maintenance ‘do that still looks stylish.


Which style is your festival favourite? You can get more festival braid hair inspiration over on our Pinterest page, or check out our blog on styling hair extensions into plaits and braids.

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