Our top Pinterest hair picks for Fall

Autumn is well and truly underway, and we’ve been busy updating our Pinterest hair inspiration boards with new season looks that we absolutely love! Check out some of our favourite style recommendations below…


It’s no secret that we love big hair here at Great Lengths, and that our range of premium hair extensions is ideal for giving your locks added thickness, as well as a little bouffant boost!

If you’ve got longer hair, we’re predicting big things for voluminous, Hollywood-glamour styles with plenty of lift at the root and body throughout. Check out our Big Hair, Big Volume Pinterest hair board for more inspiration.

Big volume montage Pinterest hair

Lovely lobs

The Lob (long bob), has been talked about every season this year – a low maintenance statement style, the Lob suits almost every face shape and hair type, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

From subtle ombre ends to soft waves in rich, chocolate hues, our Lob Pinterest hair board has a style for everyone.

Lob bob Pinterest hair montage

Must-have mids

Now, we’re by no means turning our back on long, gorgeous hair, but we’ve got a bit of a crush on mid-length looks at the moment. Long enough to tie up, and short enough to work for both blunt and soft styling, the mid-length look is truly versatile.

If you’re not sure whether mid is for you, take a look at our Mid-Length / Shoulder Length Pinterest hair board, and discover how varied this classic style can really be.

Mid length Pinterest hair montage

Still can’t decide on your new hair style for Autumn? Why not book a free consultation with one of our Great Lengths Salons or Stylists and get their expert advice.

All images sourced from Pinterest.

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