Ask the Expert – Vicky Demetriou

Extensions expert and stylist to the stars, Vicky Demetriou (Daniel Hershesons, Conduit Street) gives the lowdown on her career highlights, love of Great Lengths hair extensions and her favourite transformations…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your hairdressing career?

I always wanted to be in based in central London, as I considered it to be the best place to gain knowledge in hairdressing. At the time I had no idea that my career would take me all over the world!

I feel in love with the idea of doing extensions after I had finished training as a wig maker. It fascinated me.

I took some time out from this and decided to take the sensible approach of managing a Toni & Guy salon when the opportunity came up.  But I knew straight away that I wanted to get straight back into it. So, when the opportunity came up to assist one of the biggest session hairdressers around – I took it.  Having this as a constant source of inspiration and energy I fell back into doing hair extensions in an entirely different, and more exciting way.

I was really happy to (twice) reach the finals of the Great Lengths Awards, and to take home the Avant Garde Extensionist of the Year Award in 2012. I am now based in Daniel Hershesons flagship salon in Mayfair.

Outside the salon, what are your hobbies?

When I’m not thickening or extending, I’m generally found up a mountain, in a cave, or at the bottom of an ocean! I love to travel, not as a tourist but as an explorer. That said, I rarely say ‘no’ to a day on the beach, aimlessly appreciating the waves.

Do you think that extensions are a great way to experiment with colour as well as length and volume?

I believe extensions give clients the hair they never dreamed they would be able to have. I know, even for my hair, that means bleached ends without any bleach – which is always good news.

Extensions shouldn’t just be thought of in the conventional way of lengthening hair as there is so much more to be done with them. I’m still discovering myself what can be achieved and I’m constantly pushing the boundaries to creating new techniques and styles.

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What do you love about Great Lengths extensions?

Great Length extensions are consistent and reliable. I love the versatility they have, which allows me to mix and match and create my work how I envisioned it.

What has been your favourite extensions transformation?

My favourite transformations are still totally old school. I always like to take really really short hair and make it long!  I love the way you can completely transform a client’s total look in just a couple of hours.

A few of Vicky’s celebrity hair extensions transformations.

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For more information about Vicky Demetriou head to her Twitter page or for more information about Daniel Hershesons Salon visit their Facebook page.

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